Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dev Diary: Game Logo Has Begun Production

I've done a lot of thinking over the weekend.  Me and the Mrs. spent the weekend together exploring the city of Boston some more.  Long story short she got her hair did, we saw the blue man group and I got inspired.  It has always been a dream of mine to make a flash game, that time has come.

I have played with the tech in the past and even made a streaming video player for money.  I made a little engine to help with game development.  I say little engine because the flash utilities and frameworks are pretty extensive.  To wrap them up would be silly.  I may need to optimize some things in the future, but for now I am good to go.

The reason I have always wanted to make a flash game is because I grew up playing the things.  It started with watching wacky flash movies like Retarded Animal Babies.  Then people started making games that were pretty sweet like Madness Interactive.  Back then I used newgrounds now I use Kongregate, but the love is all the same.  Flash games were/are a major influence to why I am doing what I do (Game Development).

Why?  Flash games (in my opinion) are the most accessible games out there.  They are free, they are pretty decent looking and they are a breeze to develop (so there are a lot of them).  I wanted to make them back in grade school, but I could not afford the adobe products necessary (I can't these days either).  I also lacked the nerd skills to be a dirty, nasty pirate (Those who know me know that this is no different today either).

For the moment I have 30 days to do this (trial hehe).  Join me in this journey to fulfill my dreams.  Oh,  I almost forgot, check out this sneak peek of what you have to look forward to.

Yeah I know, It's pretty impressive ;-). For now I have not implemented any security so for you hackers out there it is prime for the picking. There will be some obfuscation happening soon, so hurry. I will attempt to update weekly when I do not have an alternative post to publish. Stay tuned!

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