Sunday, January 15, 2012

College Chronicles Part 5: Veiri

This post is about the fifth game I made while in college. To see the other posts just check out the section on the side titled "College Game Archive". I'm going to keep these final chronicles much more brief so that I actually complete them (and lets be honest, what do you care :-P).

We've now reached essentially the middle of my time at Full Sail University. I believe the class was Structures of Game Production (SGP) and at the time it was taught by Dustin Clingman who was backed up by Keyvan Acosta. In this class we were taught how to organize, schedule and execute a game project with a team of around four programmers. We could also make asset requests to a team of paid artists, but most of us just stole classic game sprite sheets because we were stupid/anti-social. Everyone on the team assumed some sort of role and worked on a game for two months.