Tuesday, December 15, 2009

College Chronicles Part 2: Extreme Pong 2

Two months after I made the first Extreme Pong I got to Windows Programming at Full Sail University.  In this two month class I learned my way around the Windows API.  GDI, string tables, resource files, icons, windows and the list goes on.  During the first month of the class we were tasked with taking the knowledge we learned and applying it to a simple pong game outside of class.  Since I already made a pong game at the point I decided a sequel was in order.  Extreme Pong II was it.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

YouTube Channel is Live

I finally took the time to create a YouTube Channel.  I will be using it to host video of the projects I've done in the past.  Since most of the games I've made in the past are either on Windows or Linux I don't want your system to keep you from at least being able to witness them.  I also want to be able to show more then screen shots of the games I may not be allowed to release source or even an executable form of.  Not to mention people that don't like downloading things can now enjoy my games.  All that is up right now is Extreme Pong, but expect a video to go up along side all future project posts.  I have also provided a few links to it along the side bar.  Check it!

YouTube Channel

Monday, December 7, 2009

College Chronicles Part 1: Extreme Pong

Okay I've been doing this little shindig for awhile and its time to switch it up a bit.  I recently read a friend's blog which had a number of posts of the things he did in college.  That got me thinking that it is about time I take you through the programming history of Aaron (me).

The time stamp for one of the files in this game is January 15th, 2006.  WOW, has it really been that long?  I do recall working on it through Christmas.  Four years ago I was attending Full Sail University and was in my third month of C++ programming.  This was the last month of nose-to-the-books C++ learning before we moved on to other areas of C++ (like using it with OpenGL, DirectX, Lua, etc.).

Durring the last month of the course there was an optional assignment to use your current knowledge (2 months of C++ basics) to create a game to show off to the class (aka rub in their faces).  Since it was my goal to squeeze as much learning out of the 80k school cost as I could, I couldn't pass up the opportunity (plus I got to rub it in people's faces).
So here it is in all its glory: